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The Rise Of Shopping Apps & How They Boosted Mobile-Commerce

It is only a matter of time before mobile-commerce becomes more popular than e-commerce as we know it. The latest researches have shown that m-commerce is growing 300% faster than e-commerce. With the ever-increasing number of mobile shoppers, m-commerce is slowly becoming one of the quickest and easiest ways for making online purchases.

The difference between m-commerce and e-commerce

First of all, let’s see the main differences between mobile and electronic commerce. Even though mobile commerce is in many ways different from e-commerce, it is actually a subset of e-commerce. The two, however, differ in many ways. E-commerce is based on the idea of buying and selling products using electronic systems, such as the Internet. On the other hand, m-commerce is based on the same idea, but it is focused on using internet or mobile data through wireless computing devices like smartphones and tablets. In that sense, e-commerce is limited regarding mobility, whereas m-commerce enables shopping on the go. Apart from that, e-commerce accepts credit or debit cards for payment most of the time; m-commerce uses those, as well as mobile wallets, like Samsung or Apple pay.

Why people use mobile shopping apps?

Based on various researches, two out of three people will turn to a mobile app if it can make their life simpler in any way, and this includes mobile shopping apps. Mobile shopping apps are also great for finding good deals online, whether these are coupons or sale items. The average smartphone user has over 35 apps on their mobile device, and 20% of those apps are retail related apps. The are numerous reasons why people use retail mobile apps. From comparing prices and reading a product’s features to redeeming in-store discounts and paying within the app – all of these options are available when using these apps.

What are the main reasons for mobile commerce rapid growth?

The number one reason for the growing popularity of m-commerce is the number of smartphone users, as smartphones are one of the main m-commerce sales channels. More than one-third of the world population owns a smartphone, and it is estimated that two-thirds of the world population will have a smartphone by 2019.

Secondly, companies from all over the world spend more money on mobile ads. The number of shopping apps is continuously growing, and there are more and more digital wallets available.

Lastly, when we add the simple fact that mobile apps make shopping easy and fast, we just might get the key factors that make mobile commerce more popular with each passing day.

Mobile shopping decision influencers

When it comes to different influences on the decisions about mobile purchasing, both tablet and smartphone shoppers are mostly influenced by their friends. Mobile purchasing decisions of 70% of smartphone and tablet users are influenced by emails from a company and online ads.

What do mobile shoppers buy?

The simplest answer to this question is everything. Clothing items are at the very top of the list of the most commonly purchased products via mobile. Then there are electronics, gifts, books, and tickets with quite a large number of mobile buyers. Toys and food deliveries are at the bottom of the list.

Popular mobile shopping apps

We’ve come to the part where we get to share the most popular mobile commerce apps with you. Let’s move on to our countdown right away!


The number one mobile commerce app on our list is the Amazon Shopping app, which is available for both Android and iOS users. The Amazon app lets you purchase products that are available on the Amazon website with great ease. The app is extremely easy to navigate, and it allows users to customize their one-click settings and create wish lists. Comparing prices and checking a product’s availability is a breeze as well. You can type your search, scan a barcode or take a picture to find a product. There’s also a voice search, one-click ordering, shipping notifications, order tracking and many more features. The app is perfectly safe to use and customer support is available too.


The Walmart app is another popular mobile commerce app. The app is free and has 421,742 votes and a 4.5-star rating on Google Play Store. It is also available on the App Store for iOS devices. The Walmart app is said to save their users’ time and money. The app allows users to create wish lists of products they want, as well as registries allowing their friends and family to buy items for them through the Walmart app. The most popular feature of the app is the Savings Catcher feature. If a Walmart competitor has a lower price of an item, the Saving Catcher will award you the price difference in the form of a Walmart gift card. All you have to do is scan the QR code on your receipt. It’s important to note that you should have a Walmart account so you can unlock the app’s great features, and pay with Walmart Pay.


The Starbucks Coffee Company offers a great Starbucks app to their customers. Starbucks allows users to pay with the app, as well as earn free drinks and food. The app is time-efficient as it allows placing an order through the app. Other features of the app allow users to tip their barista, find the nearest Starbucks store, send a digital Starbucks gift card, as well as top up the balance of their Starbucks card and view purchasing history. The app is available for Android and iOS devices.

Gadget Flow

The Gadget Flow app is based on an innovative platform where users can discover new products on the market. The app has a simple interface, featuring 12,000 products in 144 categories. Even if you don’t know what you’re looking for, using the app will still be an exciting experience. The Gadget Flow app provides its users with 12 new products every single day. There’s also the Deal Finder feature that will help you find Gadget Flow discounts. Users can also create wish lists – private or public. The app can be downloaded from the official Gadget Flow website.

Domino’s Pizza

The Domino’s Pizza app is a real treat amongst the food apps. What makes it so special is that you can build a pizza according to your taste. The newest feature of the app is the zero clicks order. The moment you tap this feature, the pizza will be ordered providing you’ve enabled the Easy Order option. Aside from this, you can see four menu categories – pizzas, starters, subs, and desserts. You can also sign up for Domino’s Piece of the Pie Rewards that will land you free pizza. When it comes to payment options, you can use credit/debit cards, cash or Domino’s gift card. The app is available for both iOS and Android users.

With that being said, we’ll wrap up our article about the rise of shopping apps and how they’ve boosted mobile commerce. The number and features of shopping apps are increasing rapidly, providing numerous reasons why people would rather shop on mobile devices. With m-commerce becoming one of the quickest and easiest ways of online shopping, it is no wonder that it surpasses e-commerce in terms of popularity.


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