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Online shopping is Taking New Shape With AI.

What’s AI?

Artificial Intelligence is the technology which recreates human intelligence by making a software that understands human habits. AI reconnects both physical and digital worlds while addressing retail online and offline challenges. It marks a new age of the eCommerce business, as it helps to bring companies closer to their clients while incorporating the original brick-and-mortar experience in the online shopping. More and more retailers turn to artificial intelligence in order to transform online buying into a personalized journey.

Types of AI


Chatbots enable brands to develop natural interactions with their customers. Titan was the first one to launch a chatbot on its website which helped predominantly millennials to choose their products based on robotic intelligence. Now, predictable intelligence and contextual messaging are becoming an important part of many eCommerce sites. Leveraging personal data allows sellers and brands to offer customers a personal shopping assistant. The personal stylist is available while clients are shopping, displaying recommendations to complete the look. This plays a key role in conversion and upsell. It is expected that customers will manage 85% of their enterprise relationship without human interaction by 2020.

Visual Search

Gone are the times when users used only a text-based search to look for an item they want to bay. Now, the online stores are taking advantage of visual search. This AI technology analyzes pictures taken and submitted by the potential client and then displays products that match the image.

Voice Search

Apart from visual search, eCommerce businesses can incorporate voice search on their sites. This technique allows customers to search for items using speech. Voice Search uses AI in order to understand the speech and recognize words and phrases. The voice assistants like Siri and Alexa has been popularized in the last few years. It’s predicted that by 2020, a whopping 50% of the web searches will be conducted by voice.

Merchandise Management

AI helps business owners to track product that is sold frequently, which products need to be added or restocked, and which ones are not selling well. Merchandise management is a smart technique that will provide sufficient insight for the sellers to remain ahead of their competition.

How Does AI Affect Online Shopping?

Personalized Online Experience

AI adds a layer of narrative to the shopping journey which has an emotional impact on the shoppers, helping in their purchase decision. AI image search is crucial to the ambition of building a data-science model that drives relevant product offerings to consumers. This is possible because the AI can analyze large data sets far more efficiently than a human being. It highly understands customers’ interests based on the images they browse online and the social pages they follow and identifies clusters and patterns in the information. Similarities between customers, past purchasing behavior, and credit checks are just some of the threads that can be analyzed on a daily basis to target offers down to a single client. The insight that companies gain through AI allows them to create a more personalized shopping experience for their clients and engage with them at every point of the contact.

Smoother Sales Process

Today, the sales process has become more sophisticated and is highly influenced by social media platforms. So, integrating AI into the seller’s CRM can be a powerful weapon for creating a sales message that reaches targeted customers. AI collects and manages different types of content generated from users in order to provide more efficient sales process and increased purchases. The AI system can support natural language learning and voice input, which in return, will enable your CRM to answer customers’ problems and possibly identify new opportunities for sales. All these interfaces can be used by the sellers to create a highly-refined sales process that helps to improve both clients’ experience and conversion rates.

Retargeting Customers

AI can be used to enhance the sales cycles by evolving the marketing process intelligence. AI constantly develops and improves, enabling eCommerce business owners a wide variety of possibilities for retargeting potential customers. Firstly, facial recognition can capture clients’ dwell times which makes it possible for sellers to pop-up special offers the next time they visit their site. This works almost like reading customers’ minds and responding to their leads and impulses by offering exactly what they are desiring, thus boosting the online sales.

Undoubtedly, Artificial Intelligence is reshaping the online shopping experience. It changes the way companies deal with their customers, providing a quick access to relevant information and offering customized solutions to clients. Eventually, AI will become the keystone on how humans interact with machines, making our lives easier, safer, and more productive.


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