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Is Instagram the best place promote an Ecommerce business ??

Instagram has quickly become one of the most popular social media platforms. And how can it not? With its visually appealing design and simplicity of use, this social media network has been a turning point for entrepreneurs. Instagram currently has a whopping number of 800 million active users and more than 62% of them follow a brand to stay up to date with promotions or new collections. Instagram has incorporated some strategic updates that note a fierce turn towards monetizing and converting leads into sales. And, combined with its sleek design, it’s no wonder why Instagram is becoming one of the best places to promote your eCommerce business. Still not convinced? OK, let’s dive in and see what are you missing out.

1. Business Account

Instagram has introduced an option that enables you switch your page into a Business Account. Since you should market your business and not yourself, this tool comes in handy. You can further include a clickable link in the ‘bio’ part which will lead visitors to your website, thus boosting the traffic.

2. Raw Images

Like we said earlier, Instagram is all about visual. Here, the image is everything. If your brand is presented through beautiful, emotion-filled images will drive the desire for your customers to purchase the product. The pictures should be always authentic, relevant, and of high-quality and present your brand in the best possible way, thus provoking interest about what you offer.

3. ‘Shop Now’ Button

As of recently, Instagram has a new addition – the ‘Shop Now’ Button. Brands can link checkout carts to their products shown in posts. And trust me, nothing is more powerful than appealing product images in high-resolution with an opportunity to be purchased immediately.

4. Instagram Stories

In order for your business to grow, first, you need to gain your customer’s trust. Before Instagram introduced stories, Snapchat and YouTube were the only one platforms where sellers could reach out to their customers more personally and build a relationship. But, now it’s easy to connect with your customers on a deeper level. Additionally, you can link up your eCommerce site and enable your followers to buy something they see at that particular moment.

5. Influencer Marketing

Influencers are a truly potent tool for marketing your eCommerce business. A recent study has shown that businesses earn an average of $6.50 for every $1 invested in influencers. The main reason for this success is that influencers humanizes the brand and make it authentic. Instagram now offers many opportunities which can make your brand’s collaboration with an Instagram influencer go smooth, drive conversion, and boost sales. Influencers can simply post a picture with your product, link it to your website, and voila!- you have increased sales.

6. Sponsored Ad

Sponsored ads are inexpensive, yet extremely powerful marketing technique. Once you have a business account, you can set up your target audience, the ad objective, and determine whether its form will be a video or image. Instagram targets the audience based on interests, behaviors, and location.

7. Discoverability

Instagram has a system that recommends accounts based on the user’s interest. This is possible with the Explore tab and works similarly like Google’s SEO. Naturally, this is a possibility for your brand to reach easily to the target audience. Of course, you need to invest in order to secure a high spot on the Explore tab which will in return, boost your eCommerce business.

8. The Power of Hashtag

Even with so many new upgrades, hashtags remain a true weapon for discoverability. By using the right keyword hashtags, people will more easily come across your Instagram account, thus increasing the possibility of finding your product and purchase it. However, make sure you only use relevant hashtags and don’t overdo it. It will make it look cluttered and unprofessional.

9. Concision

This is probably the most important aspect when it comes to Instagram compatibility with an eCommerce business. Being a strictly visual social media platform, over-explaining is unnecessary. Free of clutter and distraction, Instagram leaves up to the visitors to interpret the highly visual content for themselves and get engaged with the brand.

10. Measure Your Success

When you find out how to make Instagram a successful tool for your eCommerce business, it’s important to keep up and track what causes growth for your company and boosts the sales. The Instagram analytics and marketing tool, Iconosquare, shows you the important data like reciprocity, the best time for posting, and frequency.

To answer your question, yes, Instagram really is the best place for your eCommerce business. And if you still haven’t signed up your business account on this globally popular platform it’s highly possible that you’re missing out some big portions of potential customers. Wake your creativity, build an account people can’t turn their eyes off and give your eCommerce business the boost that it needs.



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