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In-store Shopping Vs Online Shopping Advantages

Ever since the Internet has declared a takeover, eCommerce has been growing faster than any other sector. The convenience, prominence, and availability are some of the main reasons people often turn to online shopping. But, some brick-and-mortar stores are still able to create a channel strategy that aligns with customers’ needs. Listed below are the advantages of both in-store and online shopping.

In-store Shopping Advantages

Try Before Buy

This is the biggest advantage when it comes to in-store buying. Nothing can compare to the experience of physically touching products. Some items may be sized differently than you’re used to or made of some materials you don’t like. Moreover, you can see the actual color and quality of the item. And if you’re still not convinced, check this- there is a scientific study that claims touching things that we love before buying has a physical effect similar to a euphoric state, which makes the shopping experience ‘the cheapest therapy’.

No Shipping Troubles

In-store shopping cuts the wait time and any stress regarding the shipment of the product. You can leave with your purchase immediately and save yourself from many troubles. Yes, when buying online you can pay a premium to have your item expedited, but that costs extra money. Otherwise, you would have to wait five days to a month!

Emotional Satisfaction

Shopping in a physical store becomes more than just an errand. It becomes an event. It’s an opportunity to spend the afternoon with your friends or family, to try on and play with the products, and make the trip to the mall a fun experience. You’ll feel instant gratification.

Human Connection

Human connection is part of the shopping experience that can’t be found online. A superior service is crucial for the customers. They enjoy creating a bond with the seller, which initiates trust and assurance, and makes them feel more confident about the purchase.

Online Shopping Advantages


What’s online shopping if not convenient? It doesn’t require to dress up and drive to your favorite store. You can just visit the website, find the right product, click, and buy it- it’s simple as that. Also, you don’t have to change your busy schedule – online stores are available everywhere and anytime. And all this saves you money and effort.

Wide Variety of Products

Physical stores often have a limited product supply. On the other hand, online stores enable you to find a wide variety of items. Also, the competence is huge and you can easily go through different sites until you find the item that suits you best without spending hours.

Better Prices

Online business owners understand that the majority of people buy online because they hope to find lower prices than in a physical store. Also, the advanced search engines enable you to check and compare prices with just one click. So, you can easily find the store that offers the most affordable price and save some money.


Sometimes you can be uncomfortable to buy certain items like lingerie, adult toys, or weird accessories. Shopping online gives you the needed discretion. Even the transactions are made privately. You don’t have to feel embarrassed ever again.


When you shop online, you can always find a large mass of opinionated people. The reviews of past customers are very important because you can find out more about their experience with the seller, the shipping process, and the product’s quality.

Here you have the advantages of both in-store and online shopping. By recognizing the value each of these channels delivers, you can combine the best of both worlds and fully enjoy your shopping experience.

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