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Best Social Media Platforms to Drive Sales to Online Store

Internet marketing is a crucial part of every business, especially if you run an online store. However, new social media are arousing every day, and some are better suited for your eCommerce business than others. As social networking requires time and effort, and not just creating a Facebook page, choosing the right social media platform is essential for driving sales, increasing the conversion rate, and making your business more popular.

1. Facebook

We all know that Facebook has a wide reach and usage. That’s why it is considered to be the best social media platform for eCommerce marketing. Last year, online stores generated 85% of their social media sales from Facebook. However, Facebook has reduced the organic reach of pages which results in limited exposure. And, less views means less revenue. So, you need to be very careful when creating a Facebook campaign and not just rely on its automatic settings. The best way to do it is through paid promoted posts. Another option is targeting website visitors with remarketing ads that will urge them to return to your website so that they don’t miss out a good deal. The biggest advantage of these methods is that they are highly targeted, thus much more relevant to your customers.

2. Pinterest

Pinterest is less traditional social media platform that doesn’t offer a high level of social engagement. But, thanks to its visuality, it’s one of the best ways to attract customers and drive sales to your online store. Pinterest is a place where people go to for inspiration. 85% of the Pinterest users are women and most of them said they use the site to find a product to buy from categories like food, home decor, hair and beauty, health and fitness, and clothing. And, 87% of them have purchased something they found on site. If your online store offers some of these product categories, you need to integrate them into unique and inspiring visuals to attract your customers and drive sales to your store. Also, your pins may last longer than any Facebook or Twitter post, thanks to the possibility of users creating long-lasting wishlists.

3. Instagram

Similar to Pinterest, Instagram is a highly visual platform. Its growing popularity and simple system of photo publishing make Instagram one of the best social media platforms for driving sales to your eCommerce business. Presenting your products through authentic, high-quality, and emotion-filled images will surely provoke an interest in your customers. Additionally, Instagram has introduced some handy tools like the ‘Shop Now’ button and linkable Story which gives your customers the opportunity to be redirected to your online shop and purchase something at that particular moment. Also, you can use the sponsored ads as a powerful marketing tool. You just need to set the target audience and the ad objective.Last, but not the least, Instagram has a high user engagement. You can communicate with your customers and provide additional information about the product through comments or direct message.

4. Twitter

19% of the adult population uses Twitter and most of them are under the age of 50. On this social media platform, the most important thing for success is the content. As a seller, you should tweet links to interesting content, post images and occasionally, inspirational quotes. This will bring you a better chance of attracting retweets, clicks, and followers which will increase your brand’s popularity and eventually turn into sales. Moreover, Twitter is a widely-used and accessible platform which means it’s a great place for communicating with your customers. By answering appropriately on the comments, questions, and complaints you’ll provide a good customer experience which can motivate sales.

5. Reddit

Reddit is the ideal social media platform for targeting a customer base specifically interested in the product you have to offer. Reddit is responsible for 31% of social media sales. This site works as a network of forums where discussion feeds grow from posts centered on any topic. It’s especially good for the new online stores that need to accumulate a customer base. Reddit filters the audience based on their interest in products similar to yours and provides direct contact and exposure. You can buy an ad space in the sponsored links section and get an instant feedback through comments. However, posting plain ads are more likely to damage your credibility than increase the traffic or sales to your store. Another way to generate sales to your online store is by posting a link to something awesome like fun video, engaging product description, or an entertaining blog post. The Reddit community will surely upvote and comment on a content that is both entertaining and educational.

6. Snapchat

Don’t underestimate the marketing power of Snapchat. It’s one of the fastest-growing social media platforms with 71% of the users falling into the 18 to 34 age range. If your target audience suits in this age range-go for it! Ten seconds can be a plenty of time to engage the audience in a fun and personal way. You can give your followers an exclusive sneak peek of an upcoming product before its launch to build anticipation. Or, you can provide a ‘behind the scenes’ look featuring fun pictures or videos of how products are made. Giveaways and special offers will also attract your audience to visit your online store and make a purchase.


Here we conclude our list of best social media platforms that drive sales to your online store. However, make sure not to invest money and effort in a social media platform just because it sounds trendy. Choose the one that attracts your target audience the most, it’s brand-friendly and has long-term benefits for your online store.

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