American Shopping Addiction (Infographic)

For the majority of Americans, shopping is a fun weekend activity. After a long workweek, we love to drive to the nearest shopping mall, grab a drink with some friends, and of course, browse through the stores. Couples do it, young people do it, mothers do it, and even older adults love to go shopping. After all, we are a consumer society.

However, there is a dark side to the American shopping culture. Shopping addiction is a real problem that is ravaging through American society, and thanks to the widespread nature of online shopping it’s worse more than ever. While a decade ago, people had to go to the actual shops to feed their addiction, now they can just order products online and have them delivered to their home address.

There are over 18 million shopping addicts in America, and they shop for many different reasons. Some try to heal their broken hearts, some try to become a status symbol, and some buy unnecessary items just because they are at a discount. And don’t be fooled, shopping is not just a women’s activity. There is almost the same number of male shopping addicts as female ones.

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