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9 Reasons to have a Video With Product Photos

In the world of the Internet we’re living in, it’s very important to find new and unique ways to make your product list stand out. Every day, there are new marketers that seek customers’ attention. Adding a video that explains and visually showcases the benefits of the product is a powerful and extremely effective way of optimizing conversion rates. A good product video needs not only to highlight the key features of the product, but also to make it relatable to the potential customers.

So, without further ado, let’s see what are the key advantages of having a video on your product list (and why it’s a must!).

1. Provides Proof

When shopping online, people can be very skeptical about whether the product they are considering to buy will live up to the expectations and the marketing. Adding a video will provide a demonstration that the product meets the customer’s desired outcome and provides a solution to their problem.

2. Low Key Selling

Adding a video to the product list enables you to highlight the key features and benefits of the product in a way that doesn’t seem like selling. It’s still a persuasive method but in a less annoying way. You’ll give your potential clients a push without imposing your brand.

3. Introduce New Products

Videos are great for marketing new or upcoming products to your customers. They show your customers whether the new products are suitable for them. You can send a product video via email to make sure your target audience watches them. And, don’t worry- videos are less intrusive marketing form that won’t annoy your loyal clients.

4. Increased Social Shares

The optimal length of a video, especially if it’s aimed towards social media platforms, is 30 seconds. It may look hard to convey a message in half a minute, but it’s also more effective. You can engage your viewers with how-to video or come up with something fun- just use your imagination and get shared. Remember, this is the era of viral videos.

5. Trust and Credibility

Videos build a closer relationship between the buyer and the seller. If the product video shows emotion and honesty, the potential customers will relate and feel as you understand them and know exactly what they need. Up to 90% of the users say that they find product videos helpful in the decision-making process. The more informative the videos, the bigger the trust you’ll gain.

6. Search Engines Love Videos

Videos will make your website more appealing to search engines. In return, this will drive more traffic and increase your conversion rates. Additionally, if you put your product video on YouTube as well as your website, your visibility will increase and there are greater chances that your store will show up in the search results.

7. Simulates Interest

People rely highly on visuals. So, videos enable them seeing the product they consider buying in action which shows its true value and potential. The ability to see is always more appealing than simply listening or reading.

8. Videos are Mobile-Friendly

With the fast-growing trend of smartphones, customers have turned into omnichannel shoppers-they’re looking for product information in various online channels before they decide to buy the product. By creating compelling product videos on all channels – from YouTube to your online store – you’re more likely to beat the competition. What’s more, up to 40% of the shoppers have stated that they make a mobile purchase on site if they have access to product videos.

9. Increased Sales-Reduced Returns

The potential customer is able to check the accuracy and quality of the product. This results in 30% increased sales. On the other hand, for the same reasons, the number of returned products is reduced by 25%. So, it’s a win-win.

Still contemplating whether to include a video on your product list or not? Don’t! Having a video strategy is a must in order to stay competitive and create the ultimate shopping experience for your customers.

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