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9 High-Impact Strategies for Getting More Sales

Generating sales is the ultimate goal of a business’s online efforts. If you have finally developed your online business, yet the sales have been close to non-existent, it’s time to take some action. We’ve put together a list of 9 high-impact strategies for improving the sales effectiveness of your online store.

  1. Social Media Ads

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about increasing sales is marketing. More precisely, social media marketing. Reaching out to your customers through social media is the best way to increase sales. The paid ads help you create highly targeted campaigns aimed at the audience that finds them relevant. These ads will capture your visitor’s attention and lead them to your website. For example, Facebook Dynamic Ads are automatically-generated ads to customers that have already visited your website and help you bring them back. Similarly, Instagram sponsored ads will show up on the feed of your potential customers based on their interests and previously liked ‘grams while Pinterest Promoted Pins will push your pins to the top of your customers’ search results.

     2. Email marketing

Enhance your social media marketing campaign by sending also relevant emails to your targeted audience. If your customer purchases a product of your web store and finds a Facebook ad with a popular upsell product, you’ll catch their attention and increase the purchase rate.

      3. Search Engine Optimization

It’s important that your online store shows up in the top results when customers search for your products. For best results, you have to integrate your digital efforts- your content, SEO, and social media marketing should be unified. Use the sales funnel research to create optimized and targeted blog posts and match pages with the right keywords.

      4. Offers and Giveaways

Viral contests, special offers, and giveaways can give your store an immediate sales boost. By offering exciting prizes and rewards in exchange for their participation will encourage the current and attract new customers to visit your store. Draw their attention by using landing pages or pop up ads on your website.

       5. Sales Funnel

Sales funnel is guiding your customers to the parts of the website where they can purchase without creating pressure or distractions for them. The core of this method is to give your potential customers space to make their own decisions. You’re allowed to provide the means of making the decision to engage with your business, but not make the decision for them.They have to move from one stage to the next one on their own pace after browsing, comparing various products, and gather information.  

       6. Develop Relationships

Building relationships is an integral part of every business. The more people you can get to market your products, the more sales you’ll get. The most effective way is to partner up with a business that isn’t your competition, but has the same target customers, and develop innovative cross promotions.

         7. Review Pricing

Pricing can be a determining factor when buying online. It’s important to follow the pricing plan of your competitors and adjust the prices according to them. Always offer both high-end end low-end products so that you meet your customers’ needs. To drive more sales, make sure that the relative prices are on the high end.

8. Free Shipping

Up to 93% of the people buying online have indicated that free shipping encourages them to buy more products. On the other hand, shipping costs are the number one reason for customers to leave their cart and not complete their purchase. What is more, orders with free shipping are 30% higher in value than those that charge for transport.

           9.Expand the Distribution Channels

Examine the effects of using online selling, retailers, mail, distributors, and wholesalers and see how each of these methods affects your sales. Changing the distribution channels can be an effective sales boost without implementing marketing or pricing changes.


If you aren’t generating as many sales as you would like, don’t be desperate. More importantly, don’t give up on your business! Just follow these high-impact strategies and soon, the sales will skyrocket and your online store will become a highly recognizable brand.


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