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7 Reasons to Shop This Black Friday 2017

Every single person has things they need or would love to have. For various reasons, sometimes we can’t get those things. It might be because it’s out of stock, we don’t have time to get it or, simply, we cannot afford it. Here’s where Black Friday comes in. The day after Thanksgiving in the U.S. is The Day for shoppers over the years. Thanksgiving is always on the fourth Thursday of November, and the day after is Black Friday. This year it falls on the 24th of November. Many people love Black Friday and take full advantage of it, others are hesitant, while some straight up dislike it, all for different reasons. We’re going to show you nine reasons why you should shop on 2017’s Black Friday and make the most of what it offers!

Discounts, discounts, and more discounts

Everybody loves discounts. Yes, some of us have a problem with not buying something we don’t need if it has a discount tag (guilty!). But, when you make a list of what you need and stick to it, you will end up getting what you wanted, and your wallet will not be empty. Everything from that kitchen knife set to that huge cutting-edge Samsung TV, and even that designer dress, can be yours for, sometimes, even less than half of their pre-discounted price!

Oddities and rarities

You know that one thing that you always wanted but it’s no longer in stock, or it’s just so super rare or absurd and hard to find? Well, come Black Friday, your chances of finding it are higher than ever. If you’re looking for a Captain Mexico limited edition action figure, a very specific piece of clothing or that Super 5000 magic grill for your backyard, begin your hunt on Black Friday and good luck!

Spending time with friends and family

Going out on Black Friday with friends or family can be a fun and different way to spend some time together. Sometimes, we get bored of doing the same things over and over again. While seeing a movie, going out for dinner, or going to the bar can be a good choice most of the time, they can get very boring. Black Friday comes around once a year and provides a different setting than the usual, so it can be a cool and interesting way to spend time with those close to you.


Yes, for those of you who aren’t quite huge fans of shopping (like I wasn’t) this might seem weird until you give it a try. On a very fateful Black Friday, a couple of years ago I was forced to participate in the annual hunt of material goods by my friends. They knew I hated shopping, and even more so having to deal with those huge crowds of people while I do it. But, nonetheless, our previous plans got tanked, so I had to tag along. What I found out was that Black Friday wasn’t all about looking at price tags, hauling stuff you don’t need and pushing strangers to get what you want. No, Black Friday felt like a team competition, where I and my friends had to coordinate, communicate, help each other out and reach our goal. Running around while passing on information to one another by yelling proved to be super fun, and the adrenaline was pumping. I have to admit, it felt silly at first; but as we were doing it, we would notice other “teams” doing the same thing, which turned the whole shopping experience into a well-spirited competition. We would recognize the teams and try to “beat” them; and even though we had different goals, they did so too. It turned out to be a blast; although, remember to keep it civil and well-spirited folks!

It’s no longer just a single day

When Cyber Monday became ever more prevalent, it started spreading out the masses a bit between these two days. Cyber Monday is on the first Monday after Black Friday, and as the name suggests, it’s based on technology and electronic devices. After the recent success of Cyber Monday during the last couple of years, most retailers have connected their massive discounts into a longer chain of days. Creatively named Black FiveDay, this five-day chain allows you to shop when it suits you, along with the fact that the stores will be less crowded.

Online shopping is the future

Let’s say you’re lazy or you don’t want to go to the store. What can you do? You can shop online of course. Every day, more and more people switch from traditional retail stores to online retailers. E-commerce has taken a huge upswing in customers, thanks to the fact that people don’t have to actually go and buy what they need themselves but rather, have it delivered to them. You can also compare products in a much easier way when shopping online. In your browser, you can open ten online retailers’ websites at the same time and see which one has the best price. When Black Friday comes around, you can enjoy all the discounts and offers from the comfort of your own home!

Shopping on the go

Black Friday’s around the corner, and you’re traveling or stuck at work, fearing that you won’t have time to make the most out of the shopping holiday. Worry not! With the way e-commerce has been progressing, nearly every online retailer has a fully functional website that will run smoothly on your smartphone. You don’t need to physically go to a retailer or have your computer with you; you can do an hours worth of shopping in just minutes. During a coffee break at work, or during a mountain hike, mobile shopping makes everything available at your fingertips.

With technology moving forward at such a rapid pace, it was only a matter of time before online shopping became as good as, if not better than traditional retail shopping. With 2017’s Black Friday close over the horizon, on November 24th, choose how you will take part in it. Be it that you go the traditional route and enjoy the thrill of the “hunt” with friends and family, or you do it online from your smartphone in a few taps of the screen, make sure to make the most of this discount-filled five-day-long holiday and save your wallet from future expenses!

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