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5 Good Reasons To Use Coupons

You may know that Atlanta is the home of Coca-Cola, but did you know that the ‘City Too Busy to Hate’ is the home of the first coupon too? Both are related, and here’s how.

It all started when John Pemberton, the founder of Coca-Cola, decided to give out cards for free drinks to people on the street. His idea turned out to be profitable for his business and, more than 130 years later, we still use that same idea, that is now known as couponing.

Yes, shopping with coupons does take time You’d need to go buy newspapers, and clipping coupons can also be time-consuming. Many times you’ll find coupons for things you don’t need, and the same coupons will be offered frequently. However, there still is a number of good reasons for using them.

Saving money

The first and the most obvious reason for using coupons is to save money. Whether it is a few-cents-off coupon or a two-for-one offer, you’ll most certainly see a difference in your monthly spending. Sure, saving a couple of dollars doesn’t seem like much, but in the long run, couponing can really save you a lot of money. If there is a chance not to pay the full price for an item, why wouldn’t you use it?

Getting free stuff

Coupons are one of the best ways to get free stuff. Namely, a lot of coupons offer the opportunity to buy one product and get the other one for free. Even restaurants are offering freebies, so you can enjoy eating out without having to pay much for it. With different coupons, you can get almost anything for free, be it tickets, different products, or food.

Saving time

We’ve mentioned that couponing can take up a lot of your time, but the truth is that it doesn’t always have to be that way. There are more and more coupon deals where all you need to do to get a discount is to use a specific code at checkout. On the other hand, simply not using the coupons for the stuff that you don’t need will also save you some time. To add to this, if you buy quite an amount of a specific product, you’ll save the time you would spend by going to the store every time you need it, which could save you both money and time.

Trying out new brands and products

Another great reason to use coupons is to try out new products, as new companies will offer different discounts and freebies to attract customers. People generally buy particular things from the same manufacturer. However, by trying out different brands and products they might discover something new and even better.


Couponing can be a great opportunity to help those in need. With so many discounts and freebies, you could get a lot of things without having to pay for them, or for a small price. Then, you can donate all that to charity which, otherwise, you probably wouldn’t be able to afford.

All in all, using coupons when shopping is a great way to save some money, and it’s definitely worth giving it a try; if not for you, then for those in need.


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